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作者: wudgdbapu    時間: 2013-5-30 19:07     標題: and still are

Gucci is not only one of the worlds most famous fashion houses, it is also one of the oldest. They began to trade back in 1920; this was when the owner founded it. Their business was helped along by the fact that fashion has slowly become a more important part of most peoples lives. There are a plethora of excellent watches available today, but Gucci men's watch are associated with class and quality. Many deem the fantastic range they offer to be amongst the best in the world. Not only do they offer extremely well priced watches, they also sell a large number of extravagant and opulent ones too.
The founder,michael kors online, Guccio Gucci, started the company around 1920, and he did so after spending a brief amount of time in London, England. Seeing that country's capital had shown him a large number of beautiful sights. It had also shown him that many people were prepared to spend their money on luxury items, such as clothing and jewelry. There was a diverse offering of this type of product on sale in London at the time.
When Guccio came home to Italy from London, he began his business immediately. At the start, however, he was only to trade in deluxe suitcases. As the years went by and his business started to grow, he began to gradually branch out into other products. Over time Gucci became one of the largest and most well know fashion designers in the world. In the present day, there are certainly more people around who have heard of Gucci than those who have not. The Gucci name is one associated with fashion.
As a company, they began to retail watches at a slightly later date. This was brought about by the gradual growth of the Italian economy. In the beginning, the Gucci watches were mainly retailed across Italy, however, they soon began to grow outside of Italy and it was not long before they were selling many of them around the rest of Europe, and the world too. Buying a luxury timepiece was, and still is, something that many people did when they began to earn good money. It was a way to portray their wealth, and also a great fashion accessory.
The materials used to construct the magnificent mens wrist watch are of extremely high quality. The best Italian leather was used to make the straps for the watches. The widely purchased metal ones were, and still are, made from stainless steel, silver and gold, even platinum. The most expensive of their watches even include beautifully cut jewels, such as diamonds. These timepieces are only bought by the very rich. Many members of royalty and celebrities are known to use a Gucci watch.
Among the most famous of all the Gucci watches is that of the letter G. This is the symbol of Gucci, and has remained one of their most successful time pieces to this day. The simple and classic design has remained unchanged for many years. Through the 90`s, sales peaked for this design,michael kors handbags outlet, however, it remains one of the many Gucci lines that was and still is affordable by the masses. This is something that Gucci prides themselves on; they have such a superb range of products that they truly have something for everyone.
The large majority of people see the G watch as Gucci`s signature piece. They have a male and a female version, the male option just being slightly larger than the female one. The classic design is one that has,Californian gardenia, over the years, become synonymous with Gucci. They pride themselves on never trying too hard.

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