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155 W 72nd St air max A A New inexpensive nike free run York
Got my 2 yo a pair of shoes decided I did never favor the color and brought it back 2 days afterward jordan shoes online as exchange Cashier looks by it and tells me they can not be exchanged as they have been worn!!!!!!I advert NO they have never been worn they are brand current She says NO there is air max bargain aboard them. I obtain upset and say why the perdition did you sell me a worn pair afterward says we dont sell them ventilation max bargain worn you have accustom this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyway next the manager shows up and says its fine to exchange it they jordan 13 for sale obtain me the present pair I open the carton and its got the same aboard the soles!!!I show wind max bargain the jordans for sale manager and she says oh thats nothing its just from kids trying it air jordan shoes aboard amid the cache!I ask as a current an she says they are always prefer this!!WTF??So I acquaint her nike atmosphere jordan shoes then why were you accusing me of trying to exchange worn shoes if nike free forever your current ones are like this she says stop making screenplay here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERVICE, HORRIBLE ATTITUDE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE DONT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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